Meet Our Dentists

Colin Windom, DDS

Dr. Colin Windom, DDSDr. Colin Windom graduated Magna Cum Laude from Regis University with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, and went on to graduate from University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. He has received implant training at the Whitecapp Institute. Dr. Windom has also graduated with honors from a two year academic and clinical program of Progressive Orthodontic Seminars.

Outside of the Office

Colin and his wife Chelsee are both Sterling natives and are so excited to be back and serving the community they grew up in! Sterling has been and always will be their home. They have three beautiful children, Albey, Evelyn, and Emmett. In his spare time Colin enjoys spending time with his family and camping. His hobbies include Marvel superhero comics and bowling. He enjoys a good laugh and is always looking for a chance to tell a joke or prank someone around the office. He is our office clown and always keeps everyone smiling. As proof of his fun-loving, goofy spirit; the biography he chose to write is below:

Colin Windom graduated Suma Cum Laude from MIT at 17 years of age. He then began Windom Industries where he supplied the US Defense Department with the highest quality weaponry. During a demonstration oversees he was attacked and pieces of shrapnel entered his heart. He was held hostage in a cave in the mountains. While under captivity he miniaturized an arc reactor to keep the shrapnel at bay, coincidentally harnessing the power to operate the most powerful robotic super suit. He escaped capture, and since then has been saving the world from evil villains. *

*Dr. Windom does not actually own a super suit or fight villains

Tim Lemke, DDS

Dr. Tim Lemke, DDSDr. Lemke has been practicing dentistry for more than 30 years. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Colorado Dental Association and the Metro Denver Dental Society. He has also been associated with the Colorado Prosthodontics Society for over 30 years.

Outside of the Office

Dr. Lemke is a Nebraska native who is passionate about helping people in need. He enjoys playing golf and spending time with his busy family. He and his wife Mary have 2 children TJ and Katie. Their son TJ, works for a broadband company out of Denver, and Katie is a human resources specialist out of Omaha. Dr. Lemke also enjoys spending time with their adorable 2-year-old Yorkie, named Cooper. He tries to catch as many baseball games as he can and loves to root for his favorite team, The Giants.

Dr. Lemke looks forward to meeting you!